Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Barcelona Orange, Anyone?

As we all know, the color orange, in all of its incarnations, is a hot commodity. You can hardly leaf through a decorating magazine without finding their take on orange. Of course, the Annie Sloan line has its own version, called Barcelona Orange. It's a wonderful shade, and depending upon the type of wax you use to finish it off, you can achieve some great tonal depth in your piece.

Back in the early fall, we purchased a really interesting coffee table that was reminiscent of late seventies and early eighties oriental influence. It was a great piece, and our imaginations went wild thinking of the statement piece this could turn out to be. We finally settled on Barcelona Orange by Annie Sloan. We collected some great coordinating fabric samples from Brentwood Interiors to show our clients how they could use the orange color palette in their home with this table.

Yes, that's when we dove into Barcelona Orange with great anticipation... How did it turn out? We'll let you know in a future post!

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